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Lithuanians in Iceland

Lithuanians in Iceland Í þessum fyrirlestri mun Karl Sigurðsson kynna skýrslu með niðurstöðum könnunar sem gerð var meðal Litháa á Íslandi. Markmið verkefnisins var að afla upplýsinga sem tengjast búferlaflutningum Litháa til og frá Íslandi síðustu 12 árin eða svo. Í forgrunni Read More ->
Mexican food

Mexican food What happens when local and regional cuisines become popular outside of their points of origin? Over the last two decades, Mexican gastronomy has experienced a global boom, especially after its 2010 inscription into UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Read More ->
Europe’s last frontier

Europe’s last frontier The Post-Cold War period has brought forth new conditions for the dominant European spatialities. First, that period signified a new condition for real estate and land ownership, second a radical transformation and increase of the built environment and third Read More ->
Mobility, mobilities and immobility: what’s in the name?

Mobility, mobilities and immobility: what’s in the name? As a concept, mobility nicely captures the common impression that our lifeworld is in constant flux, with people circulating across the planet. The scholarly literature is replete with metaphors attempting to describe (perceived) altered spatial and temporal movements. Figures Read More ->
Transnationalism as social resource

Transnationalism as social resource Transnational practices, ties and mobilities can be(come) a social resource for diaspora communities. But via which processes do diaspora communities and their members mobilize and capitalize upon such transnational assets? How are such resources activated and generated in mobilizing Read More ->
The mysterious case of disappearing women in Iceland

The mysterious case of disappearing women in Iceland In Iceland, women have been a part of the Icelandic fishing fleet for centuries, sometimes alongside men and also alone. They have commanded boats, and been lauded for their abilities. But in present-day Iceland, this history is all but Read More ->
A cartography of migration and media

A cartography of migration and media In a world, where movement (of things, people, ideas) has become the norm, the figure of the migrant has become a key element when it comes to characterize contemporary conditions. In this presentation, my attempt is to outline a Read More ->
Nordic Nationalism and Right-Wing Populist Politics

Nordic Nationalism and Right-Wing Populist Politics   Eiríkur Bergmann has studied political sciences at the University of Iceland and Copenhagen University. He is Director of the Centre for European Studies at Bifröst University. He has been visiting follow at many academic institutions around the world Read More ->
Migration Identity and Crisis

Migration Identity and Crisis The interplay between migration, identity and crisis is a well-recognised field of research inquiries and approaches. In my anthropological talk, I propose two ethnographic explorations into the lives of Polish migrants in Norway and Iceland, which may shed some Read More ->