A cartography of migration and media – changing figures of the migrant, assemblages and affect

Brigitte Hipfl, a member of ‘Mobilities and Transnational Iceland’ advisory board held an open lecture on 29th of March, 2017.
Brigitte Hipfl is Associate Professor of Media Studies at the Department of Media and Communication Studies and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. In her talk she addressed the concept of the ‘figure of the migrants’ and different regimes of representation, mobility and affect as well as on the assemblages that emerge. In a world, where movement (of things, people, ideas) has become the norm, the figure of the migrant has become a key element when it comes to characterize contemporary conditions. In this presentation, my attempt is to outline a cartography, that is “a theoretically based and politically informed reading” (Braidotti 2014) of the power relations and dynamics involved in media depictions of migrants.

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