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Museums and an Extroverted Sense of Place Seminar Migrants-Immigrants-Museums Open Lecture by Christopher Whitehead Migration and migrants have got extensive attention in the recent decades. Economic, social and cultural impact of mobility on individuals and groups has been global, effectively challenging ideas, places, communities and knowledge Read More ->
Growth of the Precariat under Rentier Capitalism

Growth of the Precariat under Rentier Capitalism 05.09.2017 Seminar Neoliberalism and Transnational Labour Market Lecture by Professor Guy Standing titled “Growth of the Precariat under Rentier Capitalism”. Transnational labour market has been one of the important forces of globalization, actively promoted by neoliberal ideology that celebrates Read More ->
Lithuanians in Iceland

Lithuanians in Iceland Í þessum fyrirlestri mun Karl Sigurðsson kynna skýrslu með niðurstöðum könnunar sem gerð var meðal Litháa á Íslandi. Markmið verkefnisins var að afla upplýsinga sem tengjast búferlaflutningum Litháa til og frá Íslandi síðustu 12 árin eða svo. Í forgrunni Read More ->
Mexican food

Mexican food What happens when local and regional cuisines become popular outside of their points of origin? Over the last two decades, Mexican gastronomy has experienced a global boom, especially after its 2010 inscription into UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Read More ->