Kristín Loftsdóttir

Project coordinator

Kristín Loftsdóttir is a Professor in Anthropology at the University of Iceland. Her research, based on postcolonial theories and anthropology, has focused on whiteness, gender and racial identity, as well as issues of international development and nationalism. She has carried out fieldwork in Niger and, more recently, Iceland.

Kristín has published in journals including Ethnicities, Identities, Social Identities and The European Journal of Women’s Studies, and has co-edited the books Teaching ‘Race’ with a Gendered Edge (Atgender and CEU Press, 2012) and Postcolonialism and Whiteness in the Nordic Region (Ashgate, 2012). ‘ Her Icelandic-language book Konan sem fékk spjót í höfuðið (The Woman who got a spear in her head: The strangeness of methodology) was awarded the Fjöruverðlaunin (Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize) for scholarly book of the year in 2010.