Anna Wojtyńska

Project manager
Anna Wojtyńska is a doctoral student at the University of Iceland. She received her M.A degree from University of Warsaw. Her research focus is on Polish migrants in Iceland with emphasis on migrants’ transnational practices and their participation in the labour market.
In the last years, she took part in various research projects studding migration to Iceland, for example “Leisure practices and perception of nature: Polish tourists and migrants in Iceland” and “The participation of migrants in civil society and labour market in the economic recession”.
Publications & Public presentations (Recordings)
Pólverjar á Íslandi.

Skaptadóttir, U.D. & Wojtyńska. (2018). Pólverjar á Íslandi. In Loftsdótttir, K., Skaptadóttir, U.D. & Rúnarsdóttir, A.L. (eds.), Ísland í heiminum og heimurinn á Íslandi. Reykjavík:

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