Guðbjörg Óttosdóttir

Project participant
Guðbjörg Óttosdóttir is an Assistant Professor in Social Work, Faculty of Social Work, School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland where she has worked since 2013. Previously, Gudbjorg was a social worker in Iceland working with migrants and refugees.
She completed her PhD in Human Geography in 2015 at the University of Reading. Her research focused on the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees with disability and those caring for them in the South East of England. Her main research interest lies in the area of migration, social work, disability and care. Her publications include Disability and chronic illness (with Ruth Evans, Handbook of Migration and Health forthcoming), Disabled asylum seekers and refugees and access to social care in South-East England (Icelandic Journal of Social work, 2016) and Ethics of Care in Supporting Disabled Forced Migrants: Interactions with Professionals and Ethical Dilemmas in Health and Social Care in the South-East of England (with Ruth Evans, British Journal of Social Work, 2014).
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