Helga Katrín Trygvadóttir

Doctoral student
Helga Tryggvadóttir is a PhD student at the University of Iceland. In her current research, which is part of the Mobilities and Transnationalism in Iceland project, she is focusing on the experience of asylum seekers in Iceland.
Her MA dissertation is called the Discourse of Development, and was a comparison on discourses of development in Iceland and abroad. As part of her undergraduate degree she did a research on the experience of seawomen in Iceland. She worked as a database programmer and research assistant on Icelandic censuses with Professor Ólöf Garðarsdóttir from 2010-2016. She is a co-founder and chairman of the programming association Kóder.is and has worked with a number of volunteer and activist organisations in Iceland.
Publications & Public presentations (Recordings)