Kristinn Schram

Project participant
Kristinn Schram is an Assistant Professor in Folklore and Museum Studies. Kristinn’s research interests include mobile people and contested constructions of national and cultural identities within transnational interaction.
His field of study ranges from oral narrative to food and festival, ironic performances to media representations, from within a variety of cultural spaces such as driftwood beaches or city streets.Among current research topics is the exoticism of the north and performances of the ‘West-Nordic region’. He teaches courses on the dynamics of identity, national images and tradition, folk narrative and urban folklore. Kristinn also coordinates a research network, Northgate, on sociocultural aspects of climate change and mobility in the North Atlantic. Relevant publication includes: “Obscure Heritage: identity and gender in a crypto-colonial north” in Menningararfur á Íslandi [Cultural Heritage in Iceland: Critical Approaches] (UoI Press 2015 – in Icelandic), “Something in the Air: Performing the North within Norden” in Performing Nordic Heritage (Ashgate, 2013) and “Banking on Borealism: Eating, Smelling, and Performing the North”, in Iceland and Images of the North (Presses de l’Université du Québec, 2011).
Publications & Public presentations (Recordings)
Að innbyrða útrásina.

Schram, K. (2009). Að innbyrða útrásina. In G.Þ. Jóhannesson & H. Björnsdóttir (Eds.). Rannsóknir í félagsvísindum X: Félags og mannvísindadeild (pp. 875-886). Reykjavík: Félagsvísindastofnun Háskóla

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Handan norðursins.

Kjartansdóttir, K. & Schram, K. (2011). Handan norðursins. In Á.G. Ásgeirsdóttir, H. Björnsdóttir & H. Ólafs (Eds.). Þjóðarspegillinn 2011: Rannsóknir í Félagsvísindum: Félags- og mannvísindadeild

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