Laurie Bertram

Laurie Bertram, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto, Canada. Professor Bertram’s research, public history practice and teaching interests focus on Canada and Iceland. Her forthcoming book, “Immigrant Threads: Fashioning Icelandic-North American Culture, 1870 onwards,” studies the formation of Icelandic immigrant identity and culture though alternate media, including fashion, food, “Viking” souvenirs and ghost stories. Her current research examines the historical relationships between brothels, colonialism, race and nation building on the Prairies from 1870-1914 with a focus on johns (male clients). As an instructor and public historian, Dr. Bertram maintains a focus on material culture and non-scribal forms of expression to explore broader subjects within Canadian history. Using textiles, photography and mementoes, her gallery-based practice focuses on making critical scholarship on gender, memory and trauma in Canada accessible to broad audiences.

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