Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir

Project Coordinator
Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iceland.  Her main research interests include mobility, integration processes, transnational ties, and questions of borders and boundaries.
Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir has conducted research among different groups of migrants in Iceland in recent years, mostly among people who have arrived for work and to be with families, but also among refugees. She has conducted research in Iceland and in the Philippines. Recent pupblications include: Book: Mobility to the Edges of Europe: The Case of Iceland and Poland. Gdansk: SCHOLAR (edited with Rancew Sikora 2016).  Articles  Icelandic for adult foreigners: effect of imposing an Icelandic language test.Current Issues in Language Planning (with Pamela Innes 2016);  Women and Men on the Move: From the Philippines to Iceland. In S.Thidemann Faber and H. Pristed Nielsen (eds.) Remapping Gender Place and Mobility. Global Confluences and Local Particularities in Nordic Peripheries. Aldershot: Ashgate.
Fjölmenning á ferð og flugi.

Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir. (2004). Fjölmenning á ferð og flugi. Í Úlfar Hauksson (ritstj.). Rannsóknir í félagsvísindum V. Reykjavík: Háskólaútgáfan. https://skemman.is/handle/1946/8625

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