Long-distance communication and intimacy in the age of migration

Panel discussion after screening of documentary “In touch” by Paweł Ziemilski.

October 24, 2019; 18:45-19:30; Bíó Paradís

Global economic inequalities incline increasing number of people to seek economic opportunities abroad. Often our times has been proclaimed as age of migration. Migration frequently entails separations from one’s family, relatives or friends. To reconnect with those left behind, migrants typically rely on various means of long distance communication. The advanced technology seams to shorten geographical distance and create a sense of immediate co-presence despite being far away. But is it efferent substitute for tangible proximity or only illusion of intimacy? While seeing and talking to the close ones may satisfy the need of staying in touch it simultaneously provokes longing and nostalgia.
We will discuss these contradictions and predicaments of migrant living with invited panelists: Sandra Pawlik and Adrian Jaszczurowski, who took part in the film, Paweł Ziemilski, director of film and Anna Wojtynska who recently completed her discretion about Polish migrants in Iceland. The discussion will be moderated by Marta Sigríður Pétrusdóttir, film maker and film critic.

The panel is jointly organized by Bíó Paradís, Join Motion Pictures and project Mobilities and Transnational Iceland.

The film will be shown at 17:45 before the panel (tickets available at the cinema).