Migration, Identity, Crisis

Marek Pawlak held a fourth in a row presentation in the project’s open lecture series. Marek Pawlak is a social anthropologist working at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland).

He has been studying migration for the last few years also as a researcher at the Centre of Migration Studies in Poznan. He is currently doing a three-year project about crisis and Polish migrants in Iceland.

At his presentation titled “Migration, Identity and Crisis” Marek was presenting results from his research among Polish migrants in Norway as well as his preliminary findings from the newly started project in Iceland. In his discussion about migrants’ identities and process of “othering” among Polish migrants, Marek refers to concepts of “shame” and “embarrassment” and relates it to neoliberal imaginaries that has been influencing discourses in the post-communist Poland. In the later part of his presentation, Marek was looking at the concept of crisis, the post crisis Iceland and the anticipated upcoming of crisis.

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