Nordic Nationalism and Right-Wing Populist Politics: Imperial Relationships and National Sentiments

Eiríkur Bergmann, Professor of Political Science at Bifröst University, introduced his latest book that compares nationalism in different Nordic countries and discusses recent surge of populist parties in Scandinavia as a part of the “Mobilities and Transnational Iceland” lecture series organized under the project of excellence.

From the book’s Introduction: “Viewed as model societies of the modern world, the Nordics are most often seen as stable states of solid wealth, high education, wide-scale public welfare, gender equality and benign foreign policies for world peace – crowned by their generous development aids. (…) Beneath the surface, however, lie trends and deeply rooted trails of long-lasting nationalistic ideas (…). Right-wing populism was on the rise in the region already in the 1970s with establishment of the Progress Parties in Denmark and Norway. Since then, these sorts of politics – perhaps most vividly illustrated in the increasingly troubled race relations in few of the Copenhagen housing projects – have only seen ever-greater support.”

Eiríkur Bergmann has studied political sciences at the University of Iceland and Copenhagen University. He is Director of the Centre for European Studies at Bifröst University. He has been visiting follow at many academic institutions around the world and currently he is a visiting professor at the University of Ljubljana. Icelandic foreign relations for has been for long his main academic focus and he published many books on this topic.

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