Seminar for doctoral students

On 29th of March, 2017, Mobilities and Transnational Iceland has organized a doctoral seminar with Brigitte Hipfh, Klagenborg University and Marit Aure, Arctic University of Norway.

The seminar was open to all interested students at the University of Iceland, especially those that are working on topic related to mobility. The seminar was based on the students’ short presentations introducing their projects followed by the comments by Brigitte and Marit. The workshop was an opportunity to connect and foster discussion between fellow doctoral students working on migration at different University departments students. Six students presented their ongoing projects:
– Sigrún K. Valsdóttir, Spaniards in Iceland: Transnationalism and social media at the Arctic Circle
– Stephanie Barillé, When loved ones are left behind: emotional experiences of transnational parents in Iceland
– Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir, Silent video tasks
– Guðbjört Guðjónsdóttir, The experiences of Icelanders who have migrated to Norway after the 2008 economic collapse
– Björn Rúnar Egilsson, Educational Continuity: Supporting Positive Transitions for Children from Diverse Backgrounds
– Anna Wojtynska, Re-creational travelling: Polish migrants visiting home

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