Seminar at Laugarvatn

Between 30th and 31st of March, participants in Mobilities and Transantional Iceland took part in two-day seminar at Laugarvatn.

The seminar consisted of eighteen presentations organized in 5 sessions: Asylum seekers and refugees, Inclusion vs. exclusion and the labour market, Social and cultural integration of migrants, Cultural politics and Public discourses and attitudes.
Additionally, there were two keynote addresses by two members of the project’s advisory board Marit Aure from Arctic University of Norway give a talk titled “Innovation in integration: Exploring ‘meetings’ and interaction” in which she introduced Theatre Camp integrating Norwegian and migrant youths as an example of different initiates undertaken in Norway to encourage cross-cultural interaction. Next day, Brigitte Hipfl from Klagenborg University in the presentation titled “Mobility and precarity – explorations in two Austrian films” discussed different ways of migrants’ representations in the public media.
The seminar was a first opportunity for project participants to introduce their contributing researches and it turned to be two days of lively and fruitful discussions. The seminar ended with general meeting going over organizational issues, including publications plans.

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