Temporary nature of migrant work: reality or myth?

Open lecture by Anna Wojtyńska organized by Stjórnvísi in cooperation with Mobilities and Transnational Iceland.

Thursday, 21 November; Endurmenntun HÍ

According to the latest information from the National Registry, the number of Polish citizens in Iceland has reached 20.000. In 2018, Polish workers made up 18% of all employees in the country.

Are they coming as temporary workers or are they rather considering their move to Iceland to be permanent? Commonly, individuals undertake work abroad as a strategy to improve their economic situation in their home countries. Many live in so called divided households, providing for their families from afar. However, what was intended as a temporary  often turns into prolonged  or even permanent settlement.

Based on her research with Polish migrants in Iceland, Anna Wojtyńska will discuss their mobility patterns and factors that influence individuals’ decision to come, stay or return. She will particularly look at the imaginative character of temporary migration and its possible ramification on migrants’ integration to the labour market and society at large.

Anna Wojtyńska, Ph.D. at the University of Iceland. She received her M.A degree from University of Warsaw. Her research focus is on Polish migrants in Iceland with emphasis on migrants’ transnational practices and their participation in the labour market. In the last years, she took part in various research projects studding migration to Iceland, for example “Leisure practices and perception of nature: Polish tourists and migrants in Iceland” and “The participation of migrants in civil society and labour market in the economic recession”.