The making of nations and museums. Nordic national museums in European context

Open lecture by Peter Aronsson

28.2.2018, 12:10-13:00, Oddi-206

The making of modern museums will be interpreted as part of a complex cultural negotiation of European modernization and nation-making. The varied structure of Nordic national museums will be explained as related to various challenges and path taken to meet them in each nation-making project. They will in turn be placed in a wider European context based on the extensive comparative research made in Eunamus (European National Museums: Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and the European Citizen) The capacity to perform that institutional and cultural negotiation is a decisive factor in the political culture and relative success of the modernization process. Later research in European programmes following Eunamus, like MeLa, Traces, CoHere and UNREST will be mentioned to inspire further research.

Peter Aronsson, Professor and Pro-Rector for Linnæus University. He has coordinated several international projects exploring the uses of the past in National Museums and participates in a project on historical consciousness, exploring the general concept of history. He is chair of the board of the Swedish Emigration Institute.